All the latest from Cloud Cubix


We are discontinuing our Game server hosting for the time being.

Game Server Discontinuing. We have been having some issues with our game server hosting. We are discontinuing the service for the time being. We will be working it in at a later time.   We are dedicated at offering the best customer service possible.    If their is anything you can think of that we can offer to our customers or that you ... Read More »


Shared hosting plans have some changes.

Changes to Shared Hosting plans/Pricing Due to the increases in these tough economic times to continue providing the service demands we have to make some changes in pricing. The following services have been affected.                                                      Old                        ... Read More »


Taxzation on Domain names

We received an announcement that taxation on domain name registrations will be implemented upcoming months. What does that mean for you as the customer? We will be passing the bill to the customers as well depending what state you  live in will be accordance to the tax percentage. This will be implemented over time to get it working. As of ... Read More »

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