Shared hosting plans have some changes.

Shared hosting plans have some changes.

Changes to Shared Hosting plans/Pricing

Due to the increases in these tough economic times to continue providing the service demands we have to make some changes in pricing. The following services have been affected. 


                                                  Old                                           New

Beginner  $3.99 $4.99
Premium $10.99 $12.99
Platinum $15.99 $17.99
Business $22.99 $24.99

Every plan has been increased with roughly a $2.00 increase. But with in-turn we have also increased some of your storage and Transfer. In most cases the increase of price would not have happened but due to the increasing costs we had to spread  it out throughout all of the plans.

We however have changed the introductory rate for new customers as follows:

Beginner $1.99
Premium $8.99
Platinum $14.99
Business $20.99

Introductory offers are only for the for first 30 days unless specified in any promotions or changes in prices will be addressed.

Thank you all for understanding.

CEO / Owner
Brad Smith

  • Saturday, 1st April, 2023
  • 02:50am