This service is to offer our customers to have their sites setup and updated with our one-time service or monthly service. Their are limitations to this service to offer quality service to all customers. If you want this service you would have to have our "Site Management" service in your account for us to begin the process. 
We have our own site builder for you create your own site it has shopping cart and other plugins to create an amazing site.

  1. Setup
    • Design theme and design
    • Adding Logos, Images, Graphics. - Logos created by our partner
    • Installation & Configuration
      • Wordpress & Modules, Plugins etc.
      • Sitebuilders
      • Custom Made Templates
    • Types Of setups
      • Custom Made site
      • Use of Wordpress
      • Use of Site Builders
      • Gamer Landing Pages
      • Business Sales Pages
      • Shopping Cart with product adding
  2. Management
    • Changing descriptions
    • Updating logos, graphics, Design & colors
    • Updating products including images and verbiage
  3. Conditions
    • Products - with descriptions 10 per month
    • Updates to templates - 5 per month
    • Changes to logo 2 per month - (After that will cost for a new logo design to be created)
    • All policies are subject to change at any time.
  4. Exclusions
    • If you are not a customer this does not apply. We may have this feature offered in the future.
    • We will not create any explicit sites or illegal content.
    • If you are selling products you must have a LLC or business license before we will create your site, - You must be a registered business with your local Secertary of State.
  5. Pricing
    • Monthly Service = $75.00 /mo - Discounts apply for your first 3 months goes back to orginal price thereafter.
    • One-time Service = $120.00 - This is from start to finish, does not include updates and changes.